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Sending fax now a days is just stupid. But sometimes you just dont have other option. This app Is simple, easy and really works.


what about Canada?

Great app for faxing

Just sent a fax from my mac and it worked like a charm. Im in Canada and sent to a 1-800 number. Im not sure if it works for any number i.e. not toll free (app info indicates that it only works in the US). This is much better than printing the documents, making my way to a fax machine somewhere and then faxing. Ill gladly pay the minimal charge.

Not Free

You still have to pay to send faxes...

Update reduces cost, but still expensive for a fax!

thank goodness with the recent update to FaxFresh, they are in line with pricing at $1.99 US as you can get from FaxZero (prior to their update I was asked to pay $5.99 US per fax - so I found a different service). Unfortunately, their competitior FaxZero allows you at the same cost, to provide a cover letter (which FaxFresh does not allow). I am also confussed on why a fax costs so much. An app doesnt even cost this much, nor does music from iTunes. Seems strange that an electronic document, that is very small in relation to apps/music, cannot be sent for less than $1.99 US. Which they would do transactions in other currencies as Im Canadian and I hate paying American prices. The exchange rate can hurt me through PayPal (another online service that gouges the customer - as they never ever follow currency exchanges. I seem to pay more when something is in American $ but yet the Canadian dollar is valued higher than the American dollar).

Pricing Way Out Of Line

I downloaded this app when it first appeared in the APP Store to check out its features, but I have subsequently deleted it. Even at the current reduced price per fax, FaxFresh is over-the-top. PamFax, a web-based service, is 10 cents per page and its a very reliable and easy to use. I have an iPhone, so I use an app called Fax Print Share which allows me to send a fax for 25 cents. One of the best aspects of Fax Print Share is that you buy the fax credits through iTunes. Why anyone would pay FaxFresh $1.99 to send a fax is beyond me since there are some good, reasonably-priced alternatives out there. If FaxFresh ever decides to offer its service at a realistic price, I will certainly entertain trying the app. Until then, I will stick with the alternatives mentioned in this review.

Good App, Does What It Says

Expensive? Maybe. Free? No but it doesnt claim to be. Read the description first then comment. Some people are too stupid to own a computer. I use this when I really need to get a fax to someone which isnt often given email and scanners and so on. Its easy to use, works with PayPal (you dont need an account, just a credit card). If it sounds like I work for THIS developer - I dont. However I do work for a developer and I wish there was a way to deal with stupid reviews because they are frustrating.

Not bad app, could be improved

Nice and easy to use, but I would really like a preview feature to see what the result Im faxing looks like. When uploading complex PDFs from numerous apps you never know if its going to look right. The recept email could contain the original AND rendered fax versions too for your records. Also: My fax is sent, but the progress spinner at the bottom and "your fax is now being processed" text is still there.

works for canada

I just sent a Fax within canada (ontario) to a regular number not the toll free ones it says sent so i guess it works ?? very easy to use and efficient i wish it was cheaper to send a fax tho

Great Customer service!

The support service is very fast and helpful! They make sure you are 100% satisfied.

Excellent app – simple to use

This app is straight-forward, and truly as simple as using a fax machine (maybe more so, given the overly complicated nature of some fax machines). Considering the cost of priority, express, or expedited mail, this application is easily the most economical way to send a "hard-copy" document in a very short time. While I maintain that faxes are sort of a thing of the past, there are some instances – often bureaucratic – in which e-mail is not an acceptable medium and letter mail is too slow. In such cases, this app fits the bill very nicely. Thanks, Purple Cover, Inc. Cheers!

Good app

This is a usefull app for me i comunicate with Germany and German Bank excapt only sign fax…..not cheap but work well never had problems very good

Easy Convenient!

When you have to get a fax out quickly.. this app is great! its keeps you updated that your fax is in progress and when it has been sent. A bit pricey but I guess you pay for quick convenience

Simple, fast and convenient

I have no complaints. Very simple to operate, and competitive pricing.

Great product

Just used this app to send a fax to the US. Very simple to use. Worked just fine. Very happy with the fee considering how seldom I’ll use it.

Fabulous App

I’m using FaxFresh since almost 2 years for sending important documents (which is faster & quicker than regular mail and more secure than email) and it does exactly what it’s supposed to do / promises! It’s reliable and quick! The price per fax seems a bit expensive but bare in mind that therefore you don’t have to buy a fax machine nor do you have to leave your house to get the work done! I love it!

Processed payment, but not fax

They took my money but couldn’t send the fax, now I’m out of luck? What gives?

Works great!

I had to get a time sensitive fax out. And Murphy’s law…. when one is in a hurry… things seem to go wrong. FreshFax worked great! Our printer/ scanner/ fax didn’t work. Couriers were not possible. FreshFax was quick, easy and simple. I had a .pdf on the ready - and I had a Paypal account. (Any mac can create a .pdf and one can set up a paypal account quickly with a credit card). Sent my fax in Ontario, Canada. I wish the fees were a bit lower.. or maybe Canuck for Candian users… but for the time I wasted previously... $1.99 was fine. I would have to rethink this if I was sending more faxes. Right now I send a fax only once in a blue moon.

It works but where is my credit card/debit option

Based on the reviews this seemed like an easy app to use. Uploading my PDF document to fax it, easy. Attempting to pay, not so much. Despite the app’s help information stating that there would be a “Pay by debit/credit card” option where you do not have to have a PayPal account, there was no such option, only a Login to your PayPal account, and create a PayPal account. The only problem that I can see is the possibility that it’s created for the US market and that’s why there’s no other option other than PayPal for Canada. Not happy with the payment options.

Funzionale, niente abbonamento

Really effective if compared with other application that require to subscribe, or one shot large payemnt, in this case you pay only fax you send out, in my case 1,99 $. Easy.

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